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Welcome to the official site of Hei Long Shaolin Kung Fu & Cultural Center – India.

Kung Fu/Wushu is a broad term that is used to describe all martial arts of Chinese origin. Kung Fu is categorized into Northern and Southern styles. Kung Fu means skill or accomplishment that comes as a result of practice. The term applies to all kinds of expert performance and not only to the martial arts. "Wushu" is a more correct designation of Chinese martial art, but the term "Kung Fu" has become popular and describes a broad spectrum of martial arts practices in which fighting techniques, physical fitness, performance routines and weapons training combine.

Shaolin Kung Fu or Shaolin Wushu is a style that was evolved thousands of years back by the Buddhist Monks living at the Shaolin Temple. Shaolin Kung Fu is a unique style of Kung Fu that requires patience, discipline, honor and hard work. Learning this art form is a journey, not a destination, hence it is known as “Shaolin” – The Way of Life. After being burnt, destroyed and rebuild many times, today Shaolin Temple still stands strong catering to tens of thousands of Buddhists and martial artists everyday spreading the culture and its unique martial arts style to people around the world.

Hei Long Shaolin Kung Fu & Cultural Center offers classes for both children and adults as well as both weekdays and weekend schedule.

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